We all know that inside every automated cash dispenser there's someone counting out the money. Everyone appreciates that their PC is crewed by some really clever people doing lots of maths. And who is it that looks out at us every evening from inside the TV?

You're right. Behind every machine is a team that keeps it running.

Revelations is their story.

Revelations is set in the present-day world of personal computers and video games, although one of the central characters is a vintage car: a green Jaguar. The book touches on some contemporary issues from the world of Artificial Intelligence: Can machines have an imagination? Could they evolve autonomously? How can intelligent group behaviour emerge from simple rules?
The quest of Winston-11811 and his young friends is fast-paced and often very funny. But the story also recalls many other works: books from the biblical Revelations to the novels of Flann O’Brien, films like The Italian Job, Metropolis and The Matrix, and many computer games. Soon you will be absorbed into a new world - the world behind the machines - where you may discover a new quest of your own...
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If you have read Revelations and wondered if you have missed some references, jokes or allusions then try the Annotated Version, another (but longer!) FREE e-Book.
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